Development of corporate sponsorships and strategic partners:
Based on your organization’s needs and interests, we will leverage our extensive network of contacts to create strategic alliances with entertainment personalities and companies, non-profit organizations or corporate brands.

Customized marketing campaigns and online promotions:
We create, produce and manage customized content campaigns surrounding our clients' products. Custom campaigns include online contests, innovative product placement, and multi-platform campaigns to drive traffic to websites, increasing exposure to the product and/or message and facilitating sales.

Traditional and new media production:
Nightingale Entertainment produces public service announcements and other projects across several platforms including live theater, video production, outdoor and online media. We coordinate all aspects of the project including concept development, production, distribution, and marketing.

Online and “on the ground” event coordination:
Whether virtual or live, Nightingale Entertainment will produce your event from concept, to sponsorship and  implementation.  Because of our strong relationship with the entertainment industry, we can help secure and manage celebrity participation and creative input from Hollywood’s best and brightest; as well as work closely with the press to ensure visibility.  If your event needs a beneficiary, Nightingale will leverage its network of socially conscious organizations to find the best fit for your event.

Website & online strategy:
With extensive background in online strategy, we work with the individual goals of each of our clients to get results. Consulting components include establishing product/message placement on high traffic sites, creating product/message awareness using viral components and finding ways to monetize websites to increase visibility, sales and revenue.

Non-Profit and foundation work:
We coordinate strategic liaisons between the entertainment industry, the non-profit sectors and corporate sponsors to further the goals of each organization.  We produce public service campaigns, viral, online and outdoor media campaigns and events to raise awareness and affect behavior.