Nightingale Entertainment

Nightingale Entertainment links the entertainment industry with social consciousness.

We build strategic partnerships between corporate, non-profit and entertainment organizations to generate innovative marketing campaigns, creative online promotions and dynamic theatrical and new media events. Our goal is to foster a new level of awareness within the entertainment community, while bringing creativity and ingenuity to important pro-social efforts.

Nightingale Entertainment’s mission is to connect artistic excellence with profound social consciousness. After years of experience in the entertainment industry, President Kate Langrall Folb founded Nightingale Entertainment by leveraging her corporate and Hollywood contacts to create partnerships for the greater good.

“It is not enough to create art for art’s sake,” Folb says. “Great art can motivate people to do incredible things. This power should not be squandered, but rather utilized, certainly to entertain, but also to advance humanity to a higher standard.”

Consulting Services Include:

  • Development of corporate sponsorships and strategic partners
  • Customized marketing campaigns and online promotions
  • Traditional and new media production
  • Online and “on the ground” event coordination
  • Website & online strategy
  • Non-profit and foundation work