Client List

Planned Parenthood
Nightingale engaged the Hollywood community in a national campaign to raise awareness about the plan to defund Planned Parenthood by the federal government. Dozens of top television, film and music stars participated in the "Raise Your Hand" campaign through video PSAs and other online support. As part of the "Birth Control Matters" campaign, Nightingale produced an informational briefing event for the entertainment industry in Hollywood, CA. Hosted by Kate Walsh and Amber Tamblyn, the event featured Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards, as a keynote along with a variety of high profile Hollywood writers, producers and actors.  Nightingale also collaborated with Planned Parenthood staff in writing and submitting a $1,000,000 grant proposal for entertainment industry outreach.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Nightingale Entertainment oversaw the coordination of entertainment media participation in two national campaigns spearheaded by RWJF:  "Cover the Uninsured Week", and "Covering Kids and Families". Nightingale integrated celebrities and other performers into the campaigns' strategies, produced public service announcements, coordinated celebrity participation in live press events, and collaborated with top TV writers on storylines and thematic arcs that dealt with health insurance and coverage issues.
A social networking site started by Rainn Wilson, the actor who plays Dwight on "The Office", where art, philosophy and social consciousness are the main topics of discussion.  Nightingale Entertainment coordinated celebrity participation, endorsements of national product brands, increased website traffic and monetized the site to increase revenue.

Project Accessible Hollywood (PAH)
Headed by Christopher Coppola, Project Accessible Hollywood (PAH) seeks to educate people and communities on using simple digital media while encouraging them to express themselves artistically. Nightingale secured sponsorships from Dell, Adobe, Canon, Intel, Verizon and Seagate, wrote grants and secured donations from national and private family foundations and individuals. Nightingale also coordinated and produced nine digital media festivals in nine cities across the country. 

Christopher R. Coppola Productions
Nightingale Entertainment worked to secure domestic and international corporate partnerships for various projects at Christopher R. Coppola Productions.

The Tierney Sutton Band
For five years, Nightingale Entertainment served as representative for the three-time Grammy nominated, Tierney Sutton Band. Tasks included coordinating tour and press appearances, developing and maintaining an online presence for the band, conducting outreach to fans, and working to ensure the performers were represented at all appropriate music industry events.  Nightingale also coordinated participation in various health and pro-social activities including events for breast cancer awareness, and the American Stroke Foundation.

Other Clients Include:

GMMB Public Relations

GYMR Public Relations

Yi Ya Entertainment

Scott Hiltzik

Glory Pie Productions